Medical Services : Hearing
Although hearing loss affects a large number of Americans, studies show that only one out of every four individuals who needs a hearing aid actually owns one. Thunderbird Internal Medicine now offers hearing testing and hearing aid placement.

The service is led by audiologist Deborah Blaylock Au D, who has extensive experience in hearing evaluation, hearing aid fitting, balance and dizziness disorders as well as inner ear and vestibular testing.

Should your hearing test show that a hearing aid is needed, we offer a full range to accommodate your specific requirement and budget. To schedule a hearing test, call our office at 602-938-6960.

Wondering if you might be experiencing hearing loss?

If you answer yes to any of these statements, it is recommended that you receive a hearing test:
  • Experiencing difficulty hearing in crowds
  • Asking others to repeat themselves
  • Having other tell you that you don't seem to hear them
  • Turning volume up on TV so that others complain
  • Avoiding situations because you cannot understand what is being said
Our Providers
Dr. DOAN and all their worker in her office always make me (us) feel as if we are their only patients.